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Dr. Zoran Becvarovski at 1 South Street in Kogarah, NSW

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1 South Street,
Kogarah, NSW
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Phone: +61 2 9553 0066

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  • I had the pleasure of taking my elderly father to see Dr Becvarovski. He was very kind to us. He treated my father very well. He diagnosed the problem, sent us offfor tests and hlped him . Thankyou Dr Becvarovski, we cannot reccomend him highly enough. His staff were great too. A great ENT Surgeon , Thanks Simon
    simon blakey
    October 30, 2017
  • ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
    We saw Dr. Zoran Becvarovski twice with our 2year old daughter who does have large tonsils, and had tonsillitis at the first appointment. Dr Zoran Becvarovski immediately booked her in for an emergency operation (a week later) to remove tonsils and adenoids 'whilst we're at it'. The operation is a big thing, not to rush, and certainly not to do whilst a child is on antibiotics and trying to recover from tonsillitis. He was going on holiday shortly after, so the rush obviously suited his agenda. The second appointment a few days later we told him bottom line we are not doing the op when he wanted, whilst she is not 100%. HE AGREED IT WAS NOT WISE. He is very patronising, speaks over you, has no or little respect for your concerns. Dr Zoran Becvarovski condescendingly tells you he is the doctor and knows what is best for your child. My daughter then coughed and he said I immediately needed to go to emergency, dismissing the fact she has asthma. Subsequently another ENT specialist has advised to give a child 2-3 weeks to fully recover before operating, helped us consult a sleep specialist about her adenoids and the possibility of sleep apnea. They also suggested not to remove tonsils if we didn't have to (they do serve a purpose) and told us not to rush into the operating theatre, she won't die. For someone who's career relies on reputation, I felt compelled to leave a review and call out the terrible service Dr Zoran Becvarovski gave. Clearly motivated by what's best for him, not your child, pays no attention to what you say nor address your questions with an informative response. Think twice before taking his nonchalant advice, or go somewhere else to start with.
    Mark Nayton
    May 04, 2017
  • Dr Becvarovski is amazing. My mother went to see him recently and he was lovely with her. He listened carefully to her and helped her with her ear problem. We are truly grateful to Dr Becvarovski & his staff. We have previously seen him with children and he was awesome then. Thankyou to Dr Becvarovski & his staff
    Samantha Marsden
    February 05, 2017
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